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WATCH: Ed Sheeran Isn't Married (Yet) After All

Earlier this week we were wondering if Ed Sheeran had quietly gotten married to his fiancée, Cherry Seaborn . Well, now Ed is speaking out. The rumors were swirling after fans noticed that Sheeran was wearing a gold band around his left ring finger during a concert this weekend. Of course, that... Read More
Seniors drinking beer and wine

Want to live to 90? Drink some beer or wine and gain some weight

It turns out the secret to a long life involves consuming more than just fruits, veggies, and water. Have yourself a stein of beer or a glass of wine and put on some weight there, stringbean. Researchers at the University of California tracked data on around 1,700 people in their nineties.They... Read More

WATCH: 'James Blunt Gets Blunt' About His Personal Photos

James Blunt is known for making us laugh with his outrageous photos that he is always sharing online. So we had to hear about some of the stories behind those crazy posts when we asked James to "Get Blunt" with us in our EXCLUSIVE video . James dissected a few of his craziest Instagram photos for... Read More

MUST WATCH: Latest Hair Cutting Trend Involves an Axe

We do some crazy things all in the name of looking good and trendy. Women especially put themselves through some insane rituals to be hair-free, have smaller waists, or have incredible hair. This latest trend may be one of the scariest trends that I have seen. In fact, one wrong swing with this... Read More

WATCH: Bride Gets Stuck in Elevator During Her Wedding Reception

Imagine being STRANDED in an elevator as your wedding reception is happening about 4 feet away from you? Well, that happened for one Rhode Island bride this past weekend. Melissa Rodger stepped into the elevator with two wedding planners. They were their way to the 18th floor of the Providence, RI... Read More
Riders sharing a car

Uber's cheapest option yet requires some extra footwork

Do you use Uber? Remember waaaaayyyy back when Uber almost always meant you'd be rocking a black Lincoln Town Car, or a black SUV? Then they rolled out UberX and you’re in the back seat of a Prius or a Honda Civic. Swanky. Then came UberPool where you share the ride – and split the cost -- with... Read More